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Oahu Island Hawaii From Space Satellite Poster Map

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With the ever present northwesterly trade winds carrying cool moist air across the island, clouds are an every day feature of life in Oahu.  So often in fact, do you see clouds over the mountains spraying mist over the valleys, capturing the sun's rays, that the state's motto of "The Rainbow State" makes perfect sense.  What is truly amazing about this poster, aside from it's exquisite detail, and the rare lack of obscuring cloud cover, is the roaring surf pounding the North Shore in this January 2015 scene.  You can even see the spray filling the air above the swells.  Surfers are gonna dig this one!

TerraPrints.com is America's largest producer of hand-picked, custom processed, multi-spectral LANDSAT 8 and ASTER satellite imagery provided by the US Geological Survey and NASA.

With each satellite map you will get:

  • Fresh, high-resolution satellite imagery printed on thick 10 mil luster photo paper 
  • FREE Priority Mail Shipping in the United States and FREE Shipping Insurance
  • Carefully packaged prints in hardened shipping tubes
  • A truly unique gift idea that will last a lifetime

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