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The Salt Lake City Utah Satellite Poster Map

This beautifully detailed scene was captured by LANDSAT 8 in April of 2015. 

The image is an example of multi-spectral satellite data combining aspects of both visible and short-wave infrared bands recorded at 30 meter spatial resolution. The data has been sharpened to the sensor's 15 meter pan-chromatic band to increase resolution and detail of the resulting scene.

From America's largest producer of hand-picked, custom processed, multi-spectral LANDSAT 8 and ASTER satellite imagery provided by the US Geological Survey and NASA.

With each and every Terra Prints poster you get:

  • Fresh, high-resolution satellite imagery printed on thick 10 mil luster photo paper 
  • Carefully packaged prints in hardened shipping tubes
  • A truly unique gift idea that will last a lifetime
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